We have put together resources that would help you to organize, promote and deliver VVE. Come in to explore this library of resources!


What is VVE by PDG Kenneth Wong, Chair of RID3450 District Vocational Services Committee
A flyer describing the new initiative – Virtual Vocational Exchange


Setting up a VVE: Checklist for Starting a VVE by RC Island East (RID3450)

Here’s a check list shared by organizing club of the pilot VVE – Rotary Club of Island East of RI District 3450. Checklist for Starting VVE A Step by Step Guide Introduce VVE concept to club members, role of the team leaders, program participants protection officer, and supporting members 2. Look for partner club Introduce …

Setting up a VVE: Highlights from the Pilot VVE

A pilot VVE (also called Virtual Rotary Exchange VRE) was conducted by Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East in RID3450 and Rotary Club of Penang in RID3300 in RY2021-2022. It was a very successful pilot to show that the concept of VVE indeed works! See videos below for excerpts of the programme!