Hot Topic: Hong Kong as Global Contemporary Art Hub (RID3450)

Over the past decade, we have witnessed significant growth in the contemporary art market in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has always been termed, rightly or wrongly, a “Culture Desert”. The major turning point came in 2013. Prior to 2013, Hong Kong already has its own contemporary artists, a very active Hong Kong Art Museum, relatively active art auctions and the Art Hong Kong Trade Fair, but there is nothing spectacular that we could call Hong Kong as a global Contemporary Art Hub. In 2013, Art Basel came to Hong Kong and there has been no turning back since. Hong Kong has now emerged as the second largest in the world in 2020 in terms of contemporary art auctions.   The recent opening of M+, Hong Kong’s new museum of contemporary art, will further establish Hong Kong’s position in the global art scene. The contemporary art market in Hong Kong is poised to grow and presents a lot of new opportunities for Hong Kong. Let’s see what the experts say!

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