Setting up a VVE: Highlights from the Pilot VVE

A pilot VVE (also called Virtual Rotary Exchange VRE) was conducted by Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East in RID3450 and Rotary Club of Penang in RID3300 in RY2021-2022. It was a very successful pilot to show that the concept of VVE indeed works! See videos below for excerpts of the programme!

7/5/2022 Presentation by Exchange Participant – Initiatives in Promoting STEM Education – Mr Aingkaran Suppiah
7/5/2022 Presentation by Exchange Participant – How has Hong Kong maintained its shipping port status in SEA and the world? – Mr Vincent Chan
27/4/2022 Show and Tell – Exchange Participants get to know each other
18/7/2022 Interview with Guest of Honor – Zoom interview with Kenneth Fok, VP of Sports Federation and Olympics Committee of HKSAR
Feedback from Participants
Insights from Organizing Club VRE Team Leader