Setting up a VVE: Checklist for Starting a VVE by RC Island East (RID3450)

Here’s a check list shared by organizing club of the pilot VVE – Rotary Club of Island East of RI District 3450.

Checklist for Starting VVE

  • VVE concept introduction
  • Look for a partner
  • Confirm partner and program format
  • Recruit participants
  • Exchange participant info
  • Build program content
  • Finalize program
  • Finalize and sign MOU
  • Execute program
  • End of Program Reflection – post-mortem review
  • Issue certificates to participants.

A Step by Step Guide

  1. VVE concept introduction

Introduce VVE concept to club members, role of the team leaders, program participants protection officer, and supporting members

2. Look for partner club

Introduce VRE concept to potential partners, outline the benefits of the program to the potential partner/partners

3. Confirm partner and program format

Confirm partner’s participation and determine of the timeline for the program.

Decide on the numbers of participants and team leaders from each side.

Decide and agree on the length of the program and format of the program: weekly arrangement, section length, online exchange, or virtual tour exchange

4. Recruit Participants

Recruitment of participants. Could be open or closed recruitment. Application form, consent, and waiver.

Selection the best participants for the program.

5. Exchange participant info

Exchange participant info of both sides. Introduce participants and their vocation to the other side.

6. Build program content

Participant submits individual wish list of the topics that he/she would like to learn from the other side.

Participant decides which topic/topics he or she would like to present.

7. Finalize Program

Team leaders finalize the program.

Invites program speakers.

8. Confirm & Sign MOU

Signing of MOU which outlines the agreement between two partners.

9. Execute Program

Execution and recording of the program.

10. End of program reflection

Conduct an end of program review with all parties involved and obtain feedback from the participants

11. Issue Certificates to Participants

Prepare and issue certificates to participants, with a “graduation” ceremony, attended by District Leaders and Club Members