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Futures Literacy

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This is a forum about futures literacy & futures thinking. We could explore more on what futures literacy entails and how we can apply futures literacy to prepare us and people around us for the uncertain future!

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Futures Literacy | UNESCO

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Helen Or (Past President), Rotary Club of Neoteric Hong Kong, RID3450

Hi, I first came across futures thinking in 1997 when I was preparing a proposal on Scenario Development for the HK Government. Subsequently I have worked on many futures thinking/scenario development projects for corporates.

In 2019, in line with UNESCO’s concept of futures literacy, I developed an interest in leveraging the concept of futures thinking for personal development and have since developed a whole range of interactive workshops for young people. Hope to learn more about the topic and happy to share on Scenario Planning, Futures Literacy, Futures Thinking Framework, Foresights development, and more

Tech Talk

What is this Forum about?

A forum about everything about tech – the latest advancement, how can we apply it, in particular at Rotary. AI, Robotics, Automation and more!

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Andy Clark, Rotary Club of Kingston upon Thames (UK), RID1145

I am a Corporate Trainer, Leadership Developer, NLP
facilitator and now Chat-GPT Trainer. I am also advisor to our local Interact Club. I am passionate about helping people to make the changes they need. I have been living in Hong Kong for several years before returning to my home country of UK. I am travelling back to Hong Kong regularly with work.